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To an outsider, Halifax might not seem like an obvious place to run a production company. For imX, however, location has made all the difference. Film and television activity in Nova Scotia has skyrocketed in recent years, thanks in part to the enthusiastic and aggressive support of the provincial government, through the Nova Scotia Film Development Corporation. Along with the activity comes a stable and skilled workforce, ready to crew the most challenging shoots.

For a company focused on co-production, Halifax also has distinct geographic advantages. A six-hour plane ride can take you to London or Los Angeles. Toronto, Montreal and New York are all just short hops away. From its base in Halifax, imX has shot films in Japan, Scotland, England, the Netherlands, Germany, Venezuela, France, Zimbabwe and India. On the home front, imX has done productions in Newfoundland, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Nunavut.

Though Canadian production has decreased in the last couple of years, the average over the past eight year remains high. As a production company in Atlantic Canada specializing in international co-productions, imX continues to nurture its relationships with foreign producing partners and is keeping abreast of the changing landscape. imX is dedicated to the development of indigenous production and has also used this time to develop new projects and new creative talent.

The media landscape is changing, traditional cinema attendance is under threat, but change is inevitable. Canada's independent producers have shown time and again ingenuity and flexibility in dealing with those changes. imX is prepared to face the future.