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Cadillac Girls
  1993    96 min    Drama
DIRECTOR: Nicholas Kendall
WRITER: Peter Berhens

Key Cast
Mia KirshnerPage
Jennifer DaleSally
Gregory HarrisonSam

Plot Summary
In the shed behind the MacKinnon family home in a small Nova Scotia university town, is a vintage yellow Cadillac convertible. It was bought as a sentimental 'last wish' by Sally MacKinnon's father for his dying wife. It was in the back seat of this very same car that Sally's daughter, Page, was conceived eighteen years ago. And now, with her father's death, the house and car are waiting for Sally's return.

Filled with mixed emotions, Sally is not looking forward to the trip. She has no fond memories of childhood and she is returning home with her number one archrival, her daughter Page. Intent on selling the family home and quickly moving on with her life, Sally's plans are interrupted as Page discovers a family history that gives her a new sense of identity and a longing to stay where her mother grew up. Resentful of her mother's apparent indifference, Page lashes out, pursuing Sally's lover, a local Cape Breton writer.

Mother and daughter's already strained relationship becomes even more volatile, as they are finally forced to confront their long-standing conflict.
PRODUCERS: Christian Bruyere, Nicholas Kendall and Christopher Zimmer
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Christopher Zimmer and Christian Bruyere
DISTRIBUTORS: Alliance Releasing (Canada), Saban International (ROW)

Awards and Festivals
  • 1993 Genie Awards, Best Music Score (Simon Kendall).