imX communication
For Better or for Worse
  2000-2001    26 x 30 min
DIRECTOR: Troy Sullivan
SCRIPT EDITOR: Clive Endersby

Key Voices
Lynn Mason 
Terrence Scammell 
Henry Gautier 
Rylan O'Reilly 

Based on her popular comic strip, Lynn Johnston delightfully draws on her own life experience to bring this suburban family to animated life. The Pattersons, with their three active children, present a humorous, incisive and endearing portrayal of a modern family struggling to hold on to the little things that count in a world that's moving too fast.

Lynn Johnston's comic strip, For Better or For Worse, enjoys a daily circulation of 230 million and consistently tops the reader polls in virtually every North American urban market.

The new animated series marks the 20th anniversary of the comic strip. It is formatted as a For Better or For Worse family album, comprising a seamlessly edited assembly of four-minute vignettes drawn from the strip's rich 20-year history. The format allows for easy repackaging as strippable 11-minute programs for the European and other foreign markets.
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Christopher Zimmer, Curtis Crawford, and Frank Taylor
PRODUCER: Rick Morrison