imX communication
Past Perfect - Seats 3a & 3c
  2001    92 min    Drama

Key Cast
Rebecca JenkinsCharlotte
Daniel MacIvor Cecil
Marie BrassardBernadette
Maury ChaykinChuck
Chris SheppardDennis

Plot Summary
The film takes place on two days, two years apart. On an overnight flight between Vancouver to Halifax, Charlotte, an unemployed sales clerk on the verge of giving up on her dream of marriage and children, finds herself sitting next to the nervous and seemingly stuffy Cecil, a linguistics professor who is in the process of ending a long-term relationship with a woman who does not share his desire for a family. Despite an unpleasant start to their relationship as seatmates, over the course of the flight Charlotte and Cecil find themselves falling into one another's lives and in love.

Intercut with their meeting is a Saturday two years later, Charlotte and Cecil now live together in Halifax and are in the midst of a crisis in ther relationship. What starts off seeming like a case of a couple’s general malaise reveals itself to be the fallout from a very specific tragedy, one which forces charlotte and Cecil to decide whether the end of a dream means the end of the relationship or the beginning of a real life together.

The film was shot on digital video and transferred to 35mm for theatrical release.
PRODUCER: Camelia Frieberg
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Christopher Zimmer & William Ritchie
DISTRIBUTORS: Mongrel Media (Canada), imX Sales (ROW)

Awards and Festivals
  • Received "Outstanding Performance, Actor", Atlantic Film Festival – Daniel MacIvor, 2002.