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Trial at Fortitude Bay
  1994    Movie of the week    Drama
WRITER: Keith Ross Leckie

Key Cast
Lolita DavidovichGina Antonelli
Henry CzernyDaniel Metz
Raoul TrujilloSimon Amituq
Marcel SabourinJudge Jean Lamberts
Robert ItoMethusala

Plot Summary
Defense Attorney Gina Antonelli is sent to the remote Arctic village of Fortitude Bay to defend Pauloosie, a 19-year old Inuit man. Gina anticipates a quick solution until Pauloosie receives alternate guidance from the village elder and spiritual leader who urges him to tell the truth and face the community for his rehabilitation. However Daniel Metz, the high powered prosecutor from the Justice Department, believes that nothing, including traditional Inuit values, should override Canadian law and that Pauloosie should go to prison. Now at the crossroads of two worlds, the champions of guilt and innocence will meet to decide the fate of the young man caught between two systems of justice.
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Bill Gray, Derek Mazur and Christopher Zimmer
PRODUCERS: Bill Gray, Derek Mazur and Christopher Zimmer

Awards and Festivals
  • Excellence in Art Direction Atlantic Film Festival 2000 Marty Sexton.
  • Bronze Award 49th Columbus International Film and Video Festival Audience Choice Award.
  • Dawson City Film Festival, 2000.
  • Best Actor nomination at Yorkton Short Film and Video Festival Robyn Lundrigan.